Design with Quality and Care

Design with

Quality and Care

Design with

Quality and Care

A team of creative strategists who evolve our clients’ visions into solutions that continue to challenge the norm and disrupt the industry.
A team of creative strategists who evolve our clients’ visions into solutions that continue to challenge the norm and disrupt the industry.

Video Production

The power of video is obvious. It captivates audiences, demands attention and envokes feelings.

Whether it’s a commercial, testimonial spotlight, promotion, highlighted feature or motion graphic, we utilize this stimulating tool to create visual communication and bring stories to life. Allow us to give your viewers an experience they won’t forget.

Web Development

The world of websites is constantly innovating. Having a competitive advantage in your field starts with giving your users a beautiful journey and easy flow.

Thanks to our expertise and great attention to client needs, we’re here to provide you with a site that’s on the cutting edge of modern technology, functional, responsive, optimized and tailored to fit your brand.

Graphic Design

Your visual identity is everything. That’s why we care so much!

It's why we design logos, animations, business cards, flyers, Internet ads, trifolds and all other print or digital collateral that speak to audiences in a special way. Trust us to design what your reputation deserves.


We believe in creating stunning visuals that convey your imagination and enhance any accompanying marketing collateral.

At JCW, you work with artists who take the time to understand your vision and needs, before shooting your custom photos. From the photographer’s eyes through the lens of a camera, we deliver the look you desire.


We not only create valuable and engaging content but also utilize our knowledge of marketing trends and practices to disrupt the cluttered advertising market.

Through campaigns, communication plans, compelling content, print collateral, advertising and reasonable budgets, let us help your business stand out among the rest. Work with us to establish your presence and voice in the community.


When the idea sparked, your brand was created.

It’s our job to walk your company through discovering and communicating your mission, vision and philosophy. We start with the “why” and create a story that sets you apart. With all of our creative services at your fingertips, we’re confident in our capability to produce a brand that will engage your target audience and build with thriving results.

Our Process


    Our team sits with you and your team, whether it’s through focus groups, meetings or just getting a cup of coffee, and together, we discover your identity and mission.


    In collaboration, we conceptualize solutions, formulate strategies and devise a winning plan, transforming your unique goals into thriving results.


    Doing whatever it takes to bring concepts to life and craft purposeful solutions, we write, capture, design, code, print and more.


    After thoughtful review, we deliver exceptional finished solutions, making certain, both internally and externally, that it meets high standards and represents your company in its entirety.

  • GROW

    Our relationship grows well beyond execution. Along with your team, we celebrate your new endeavors, and throughout your progressing journey, we keep thinking about you.

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Episcopal Day School: Growing Forward Together

Your audience wants to know one thing: your story! They yearn to experience and identify your voice and unique qualities...

StudioMV: ReBuilding a Strong First-Impression

Right from the beginning — your customer’s experience should echo the culture of your business and fully clarify your team’s identity...

Louisiana REALTORS®: Creating with Purpose

The progression of your company begins with building a consistent brand identity, creating a user-friendly website, and being open to new concepts...

BREC: Promotional Videos and Event Coverage

With more than 200 parks in East Baton Rouge Parish, BREC has many messages to deliver on a daily basis...

Guaranty Media: A New Name and a New Direction

With four radio stations, hundreds of thousands of listeners and a digital platform that needed modernization: Guaranty Broadcasting needed...

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We are designers, storytellers and communicators. Not only that, we are a blast to work with!

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Alexis Newkirk, Creative Writer & Designer at JCW Productions

Meet Alexis Newkirk

Fun Facts

  • Pursuing a degree in Advertising with minors in Psychology and Business Administration at LSU
  • Serves on the Executive Council of Pi Beta Phi at LSU
  • Enjoys judging movies by their book


Born and raised in Palm Beach, Fla. I decided to make the move to Baton Rouge for college leaving behind my family and friends to start a new journey. I chose an advertising major because I love how it blends design and research into a carefully thought, yet seemingly effortless result. I enjoy watching advertisements and breaking down the psychology behind them.

The evolving digital media world constantly supplies me with inspiration. I have a passionate and dedicated work ethic that allows me to enjoy what I do and allows me to continually learn from those around me. In the future, I hope to graduate from LSU and continue on to graduate school, furthering my education and having that knowledge be shown through my work.

Cassie Chatelain, Design Director at JCW Productions

Meet Cassie Chatelain

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU with a BFA concentrated in Graphic Design and a Minor in Art History
  • Started freelance design at age 18
  • Traveled abroad to 11 countries


Art has always been a huge part of my life, whether it was drawing little smiley faces all over everything when I was little, doodling in the corners of my notebooks in school, or painting and sculpting in my spare time during and after college. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to have a career that allowed me to express my artistic abilities.

In high school, at St. Joseph’s Academy, my love for drawing and painting really started to grow. It was then that I started to realize how seamlessly technology and art could work together and bring imaginations to life. When I first heard about graphic design I realized right away that it was the perfect career path for me. Once I was accepted into the College of Art and Design at LSU I quickly developed a passion for typography, illustration, color schemes and paper samples.

After college, I worked as an intern for Louisiana Public Broadcasting. It was there that I developed an interest in motion graphics and sought to learn all I could while I was there. Later, I became fixated on the idea of working for myself as a freelance graphic designer. After months of hard work I was able to maintain a decent size client list along with a steady workflow.

It was through freelancing that I became acquainted with JCW Productions. When I was offered the opportunity to work with a small group of creative people while still doing what I love, I jumped right on board. JCW Productions provides me with the opportunity to be as creative as possible and design within a multitude of media such as print, motion graphics, and web. The possibilities are endless here.

John Williams, Founder & Cheif Executive Officer at JCW Productions

Meet John Williams

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU in Journalism with a Minor in Leadership Development
  • Started JCW Productions at age 13
  • Vice President of the Garden District Civic Association


I was in the 6th grade when I realized I wanted to spend my life capturing the world through my lens. In 2005, I spent the summer mowing lawns to save up for a camera. The head basketball coach at my school, St. George’s, asked me to film the team’s games. I jumped at the opportunity and in 2005 I filmed the first wedding and began what is today known as JCW Productions.

In 2010, I moved to Baton Rouge and attended LSU as a student videographer for the football team. I filmed every practice and game for coaches review. While at LSU, I began to produce commercials and film even more weddings. I bought our current studio in June of 2013 and I graduated in Broadcast Journalism just a couple of months later.

I spend every day loving what I do and I have passion for capturing our world on film. I have filmed hundreds of weddings, produced commercials, directed television shows and filmed more snaps of football than anyone should. Most importantly, I have met numerous people getting to do what love and for that I have the best job in the world!

Kelly Hart, Web Designer at JCW Productions

Meet Kelly Hart

Fun Facts

  • Assistant high school soccer coach at Parkview Baptist
  • Studied abroad in Italy
  • Found 4-leaf clovers in 3 countries


I was born and raised in Lafayette, but I wasn't a part of a typical die hard cajun family. I quickly learned that I lived in a divided house. I didn't bleed red and white like most families around me. My grandpa loved the LSU tigers. He taught me at a young age who I should be rooting for. When it came time to decide where to go to college, it was an easy decision. Being the daughter of an engineer and a teacher, I got a healthy blend of right brain and left brain activities. As a result, I find myself pulling from both sides. I have the ideas of an artist and the structure of an engineer.

As many other 18 year olds coming to college, I was unsure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I finally found my blend of creativity and structure with my minor AVATAR. No kids, it has nothing to do with the movie. It stands for Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies, and Research. That's where I learned that through coding I could create something from an abstract idea using a structured process.

Megan Juneau, Video Creative at JCW Productions

Meet Megan Juneau

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU in Public Relations with a Minor in Film
  • Currently working on her MBA
  • Only non-accountant in family


Born and raised in Denham Springs, South Louisiana has truly shaped me into the person I am today. I’m an aunt to four of the sweetest kids in the world and part of a family I’m so proud and thankful for. Following in the footsteps of my parents and siblings, it wasn’t hard to decide where to attend college. I began LSU in 2010 and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Public Relations and Film.

My interest in videography began when I was 15 years old making home videos for my very funny and unpredictable family. Little did I know that was the start of something I’d be doing for the rest of my life. My love for filmmaking grew throughout high school and college, but it wasn't until documenting the birth of my first nephew in 2011 that I realized the impact a video can have. And so began my passion for capturing special moments on video and allowing people to re-live some of life's happiest moments.

Nathan Velasquez, Video Creative at JCW Productions

Meet Nathan Velasquez

Fun Facts

  • Pursuing a degree in Film and Television at LSU
  • I am half Colombian
  • My favorite film is 2001: A Space Odyssey (I have seen it an unhealthy number of times)


I realized at a very young age that film and video is my passion. Visual storytelling can affect people in such a powerful way and i’ve done all that I can to learn everything about it. Whether it has been making short films with friends and family or videoing local events, I try to get as much experience as possible. I am currently pursuing a Film and Television major at LSU.

JCW fuses all of my interests in a very collaborative process. The experience i’ve had is already strengthening my skills and forcing me to develop creatively. I hope to build upon what I already know so that I have the knowledge to go out into the film industry.

Nicole Slack, Marketing Specialist at JCW Productions

Meet Nicole Slack

Fun Facts

  • Graduated from LSU in Marketing with a minor in Communications
  • Received a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo at the age of 9
  • Has finished a whole sudoku book


I wish I could say that I always knew Marketing was what I wanted to do, but that was not necessarily the case. My whole life I wanted to be a Vet. I spent my free time in high school working as a vet tech at the veterinary clinic in my town, and proudly started LSU as a pre-vet major. Then, like many have found out, college biology was in no way, shape, or form my strong point. Which led me in a new direction - business.

During my junior year, I finally found a career path that engaged me in the marketing department at LSU Student Media planning promotional events. That is where I fell in love with Marketing. I fell in love with the strategy, brainstorming, and even analytics that went into what I do. I was able to venture into all the facets marketing had to offer - campaigns, events, video, radio, social media, digital and analytics.

Which leads me here - JCW Productions. I came from a place where marketing content was right at my disposal. At JCW Productions (being a full service agency) I feel like I’m at a place where I can utilize my skills in marketing to the best of my ability, as well as work with a wonderful team of creative individuals on a daily basis.

Rashaad Randall, Web Designer at JCW Productions

Meet Rashaad Randall

Fun Facts

  • Graduated from SUNO with a BS in Business Entrepreneurship and from Walden University with a MS in Information Systems
  • Currently working on his MS in I.T. and Doctor of Information Technology degrees
  • Will be married on April Fool’s Day in 2016


It was in 8th grade that I first began working in web development. Of course, it wasn’t my most extravagant work but I quickly became familiar with the basic HTML syntax. Though it wasn’t a huge part of my life at the time, in high school I was known as the ONLY student with a live website on the Internet (thanks Dreamweaver!). MySpace, however, has my eternal thanks as I gained a great deal of knowledge from designing my own layouts. This was actually where I began coding with Notepad instead of my old friend Microsoft FrontPage (RIP).

In college, I began my freelancing career by creating websites for some of my fellow students and other clients who were referred to me. Around this time, I purchased my first server and quickly became familiar with server administration. After graduating, I realized that a career in Information Technology was the direction that I was looking to pursue – especially since I love research.

Today, I am a very proficient web developer with a proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, an experienced Linux server administrator, and an aspiring leader. I love being in the frontlines and taking charge for various tasks. I am also a very prideful worker and treat all of my client’s projects as my own. As I always say, “Doing what you love is never a job”.

Scott Chachere, Video Creative at JCW Productions

Meet Scott Chachere

Fun Facts

  • Working on a degree in Advertising and Visual Communication
  • Related to Tony Chachere
  • I am the tallest member of my family


I have always been creative and have always wanted to express myself in different ways. Photography allows me to do this exceptionally. I love how images, sound, or videos can move people to make changes in their own lives as well as the lives of others.

As an intern at JCW Productions, I am able to fulfill my love for photography while also being exposed to how the industry works in real life situations. I hope to hone my skills and gain the knowledge necessary to start a business of my own.

Stacey Faris, Business Administrator at JCW Productions

Meet Stacey Faris

Fun Facts

  • Graduated from Alabama with a degree in Financial Management. The team loves her anyway!
  • Named Military Spouse of the Year for Yuma Proving Ground in 2014 and 2015.
  • We have have two kids, two cats, and a constant stream of neighborhood kids coming through to play with one or the other!


For the last 7 years, I've been a stay-at-home Mom to my two awesome kids. On top of playing domestic goddess during this hiatus from the professional world, I have spent countless hours as a volunteer for kid's activities, local sport's programs, and military organizations. I've worked hard to develop great opportunities for my family and others to be involved in our local communities as well as providing bonding moments for friends who have spent too much time apart due to deployment and training.

For the past two years, I have been the leader of the Family Readiness support group for my husband, Graham's, Army unit. I'm very immersed in our military spouse community and am constantly working to better the lives of military families through volunteerism, resource coordination, and knowledge sharing.

When John approached me about joining the JCW Productions team, I jumped on the opportunity. Although not necessarily in the market for a job, having the opportunity to put my financial mind back to work and be part of such an amazing group of people seemed too good to pass up. As exciting as Candy Land and Hungry Hungry Hippos can be, I was ready for something a bit more challenging!

I'm constantly amazed by the caliber of work produced for our clients, wonderful collaboration between departments, and enthusiasm shared by each of our team members. My job of managing the "behind the scenes" processes is made easier knowing that each task I accomplish only serves to further the efforts of our creative and sales teams in allowing them to wow our clients with each new presentation!

Striving for quality and care on each and every project sets us apart. Being included in a team so focused on client satisfaction is the best way to step back into the work force I could have asked for; I'm honored to be on such a great team, and cannot wait to be a part of all the awesome undertakings JCW Productions tackles in the future!

Taylor Olinde, Creative Designer at JCW Productions

Meet Taylor Olinde

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU in Advertising with a Minor in Visual Communication
  • Studied abroad in six countries
  • Volunteers for Uniforms for Kids


After being interested in visual arts throughout my entire life, my interest in advertising began my second semester of college after walking through the Journalism Building at LSU and immediately knowing I wanted to be a part of what was going on there. I found a way to fuse both my love for art and my new-found interest in advertising through the Manship School.

As a native of Baton Rouge and attending St. Joseph’s Academy, I grew up watching local businesses’ advertising evolve and after interning with JCW Productions, I saw that I could have a hand in making the changes I had been watching for so long. The ever-changing nature of the advertising and social media world keeps me excited and passionate about the work I do everyday. I love coming to work knowing I get to post social updates that will keep users engaged and create the visuals that bring our clients to new heights.

Nola, Boss at JCW Productions

Meet Nola

Fun Facts

  • Nominated as most interesting dog in the world
  • 2x Iditarod Champion
  • Avid basketweaver


The team may never know, but no idea was ever run through this business that I did not first approve. On the days that I am not asleep on the couch, I manage the entire team here at JCW Productions. After all, without me, this place would never be productive. I have a passion for chasing squirrels when I am not slapping the clapper at our shoots or putting the final shadows on our design work. John thinks I am his dog, but he is actually my human.

If I could speak, I could solve all of your problems. But silence, much like patience, is a virtue.

Nola, Boss at JCW Productions

Meet Nola

Fun Facts

  • Nominated as most interesting dog in the world
  • 2x Iditarod Champion
  • Avid basketweaver


The team may never know, but no idea was ever run through this business that I did not first approve. On the days that I am not asleep on the couch, I manage the entire team here at JCW Productions. After all, without me, this place would never be productive. I have a passion for chasing squirrels when I am not slapping the clapper at our shoots or putting the final shadows on our design work. John thinks I am his dog, but he is actually my human.

If I could speak, I could solve all of your problems. But silence, much like patience, is a virtue.


We are always looking for great people to join the team! Take a look at our open positions.


It is never too early to get us involved in your project, whether you are still planning or you're ready to go.

It is never too early to get us involved in your project, whether you are still planning or you're ready to go.

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