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With all creative services provided by one agency, we are dedicated to creating everything a client needs to be successful.
With all creative services provided by one agency, we are dedicated to creating everything a client needs to be successful.

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John Williams, Cheif Executive Officer at JCW Productions

Meet John Williams

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU in Journalism with a Minor in Leadership Development
  • Started JCW Productions at age 13
  • Vice President of the Garden District Civic Association


I was in the 6th grade when I realized I wanted to spend my life capturing the world through my lens. In 2005, I spent the summer mowing lawns to save up for a camera. The head basketball coach at my school, St. George’s, asked me to film the team’s games. I jumped at the opportunity and in 2005 I filmed the first wedding and began what is today known as JCW Productions.

In 2010, I moved to Baton Rouge and attended LSU as a student videographer for the football team. I filmed every practice and game for coaches review. While at LSU, I began to produce commercials and film even more weddings. I bought our current studio in June of 2013 and I graduated in Broadcast Journalism just a couple of months later.

I spend every day loving what I do and I have passion for capturing our world on film. I have filmed hundreds of weddings, produced commercials, directed television shows and filmed more snaps of football than anyone should. Most importantly, I have met numerous people getting to do what love and for that I have the best job in the world!

Jonathan Cary, Chief Operating Officer at JCW Productions

Meet Jonathan Cary

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU in Business with a Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Started 3 businesses before age 20
  • Has visited 41 of the 50 states


I have always been a little mischievous. When I was younger this was difficult, because I would get in trouble at school... every day. Well not real trouble. You know the kid who would always walk on the grass and throw his pencil bag in the air. Yeah, that was me. However, as I grew I learned to use that energy and direct it to more creative endeavors affording me many great opportunities.

When I was younger I got started like most entrepreneurs do, cutting grass. Not the most glamourous of splashes into entrepreneurship, but it allowed me to make enough money to buy anything that I could have wanted (well at least for normal kids). A few years later, I would start high school at Catholic High, which afforded me the opportunity to not only pursue my track career, but to learn many life lessons from some outstanding teachers, most notably Coach Boudreaux, Mr. Billings and Mr. Kern.

I would then move on to LSU to pursue a degree concentrating in Entrepreneurship. This was when I opened my first "real" company, which was a pressure washing company. Not being one to get my hands dirty all day every day, I quickly began brainstorming on future business ideas. This lead me to website design. Something I could do from my laptop no matter where I am and would extract all of my creative energy that had been bottled up. I quickly fell in love with designing websites, knowing this is something I wanted to take far.

A year later, I opened my third business, Promote King, focusing on not only website design, but also online marketing because of customer demands. While running Promote King, I met John Williams through a mutual friend and began shooting and editing videos at JCW Productions on the side.

John and I quickly became close friends and at the 2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade decided to join together to make JCW Productions a full service agency offering Video Production, Website Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing and Branding. And like they say, "the rest is history."

Cassie Chatelain, Graphic Designer at JCW Productions

Meet Cassie Chatelain

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU with a BFA concentrated in Graphic Design and a Minor in Art History
  • Started freelance design at age 18
  • Traveled abroad to 11 countries


Art has always been a huge part of my life, whether it was drawing little smiley faces all over everything when I was little, doodling in the corners of my notebooks in school, or painting and sculpting in my spare time during and after college. From a very young age I knew that I wanted to have a career that allowed me to express my artistic abilities.

In high school, at St. Joseph’s Academy, my love for drawing and painting really started to grow. It was then that I started to realize how seamlessly technology and art could work together and bring imaginations to life. When I first heard about graphic design I realized right away that it was the perfect career path for me. Once I was accepted into the College of Art and Design at LSU I quickly developed a passion for typography, illustration, color schemes and paper samples.

After college, I worked as an intern for Louisiana Public Broadcasting. It was there that I developed an interest in motion graphics and sought to learn all I could while I was there. Later, I became fixated on the idea of working for myself as a freelance graphic designer. After months of hard work I was able to maintain a decent size client list along with a steady workflow.

It was through freelancing that I became acquainted with JCW Productions. When I was offered the opportunity to work with a small group of creative people while still doing what I love, I jumped right on board. JCW Productions provides me with the opportunity to be as creative as possible and design within a multitude of media such as print, motion graphics, and web. The possibilities are endless here.

Taylor Olinde, Advertising Creative at JCW Productions

Meet Taylor Olinde

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU in Advertising with a Minor in Visual Communication
  • Studied abroad in six countries
  • Volunteers for Uniforms for Kids


After being interested in visual arts throughout my entire life, my interest in advertising began my second semester of college after walking through the Journalism Building at LSU and immediately knowing I wanted to be a part of what was going on there. I found a way to fuse both my love for art and my new-found interest in advertising through the Manship School.

As a native of Baton Rouge and attending St. Joseph’s Academy, I grew up watching local businesses’ advertising evolve and after interning with JCW Productions, I saw that I could have a hand in making the changes I had been watching for so long. The ever-changing nature of the advertising and social media world keeps me excited and passionate about the work I do everyday. I love coming to work knowing I get to post social updates that will keep users engaged and create the visuals that bring our clients to new heights.

Megan Juneau, Video Creative at JCW Productions

Meet Megan Juneau

Fun Facts

  • Graduated LSU in Public Relations with a Minor in Film
  • Currently working on her MBA
  • Only non-accountant in family


Born and raised in Denham Springs, South Louisiana has truly shaped me into the person I am today. I’m an aunt to four of the sweetest kids in the world and part of a family I’m so proud and thankful for. Following in the footsteps of my parents and siblings, it wasn’t hard to decide where to attend college. I began LSU in 2010 and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Public Relations and Film.

My interest in videography began when I was 15 years old making home videos for my very funny and unpredictable family. Little did I know that was the start of something I’d be doing for the rest of my life. My love for filmmaking grew throughout high school and college, but it wasn't until documenting the birth of my first nephew in 2011 that I realized the impact a video can have. And so began my passion for capturing special moments on video and allowing people to re-live some of life's happiest moments.

Nola, Boss at JCW Productions

Meet Nola

Fun Facts

  • Nominated as most interesting dog in the world
  • 2x Iditarod Champion
  • Avid basketweaver


The team may never know, but no idea was ever run through this business that I did not first approve. On the days that I am not asleep on the couch, I manage the entire team here at JCW Productions. After all, without me, this place would never be productive. I have a passion for chasing squirrels when I am not slapping the clapper at our shoots or putting the final shadows on our design work. John thinks I am his dog, but he is actually my human.

If I could speak, I could solve all of your problems. But silence, much like patience, is a virtue.

Scott Chachere, Video Intern at JCW Productions

Meet Scott Chachere

Fun Facts

  • Working on a degree in Advertising and Visual Communication
  • Related to Tony Chachere
  • I am the tallest member of my family


I have always been creative and have always wanted to express myself in different ways. Photography allows me to do this exceptionally. I love how images, sound, or videos can move people to make changes in their own lives as well as the lives of others.

As an intern at JCW Productions, I am able to fulfill my love for photography while also being exposed to how the industry works in real life situations. I hope to hone my skills and gain the knowledge necessary to start a business of my own.

Alexis Newkirk, Advertising Intern

Meet Alexis Newkirk

Fun Facts

  • Pursuing a degree in Advertising with minors in Psychology and Business Administration at LSU
  • Serves on the Executive Council of Pi Beta Phi at LSU
  • Enjoys judging movies by their book


Born and raised in Palm Beach, Fla. I decided to make the move to Baton Rouge for college leaving behind my family and friends to start a new journey. I chose an advertising major because I love how it blends design and research into a carefully thought, yet seemingly effortless result. I enjoy watching advertisements and breaking down the psychology behind them.

The evolving digital media world constantly supplies me with inspiration. I have a passionate and dedicated work ethic that allows me to enjoy what I do and allows me to continually learn from those around me. In the future, I hope to graduate from LSU and continue on to graduate school, furthering my education and having that knowledge be shown through my work.

Shane Smith, Wed Design Intern at JCW Productions

Meet Shane Smith

Fun Facts

  • Therapy is taking my motorcycle to the mountains for coffee.
  • Lived in the Ozark Mountains with no A/C for an entire summer.
  • I’ve hiked Angels Landing. You should Google it.


In 2011 I left my hometown of Hessmer, LA to attend LSU and pursue a degree in Information Systems. While in Hessmer, I worked for a computer networking company. It was at this moment that I knew I found something I loved doing, so I moved to college to focus on it. While in college, I picked up on web development and started experimenting with the Adobe Creative Suite.

I purchased a camera freshman year and began photographing the LSU lakes, since I happen to live nearby. It wouldn’t dawn on me until years later, on my off day as a camp counselor, that my camera and love for outdoors were a perfect couple. Since then, I have tried to break away to the mountains at every opportunity, being sure to pack my camera.


We are always looking for great people to join the team! Take a look at our open positions.


JCW Productions began in 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee as John recorded the first basketball game at St. George’s. For the rest of his career at St. George’s, John filmed hundreds of sporting events games as well as many school programs and events. John began broadcasting the St. George’s basketball games and was highlighted in a Sports Illustrated article in 2009 as being one of the first to broadcast high school sporting events. John produced highlight videos for athletes as well as producing marketing and promotional videos for schools and other local organizations.

In 2010, John moved JCW Productions with him to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend LSU and traveled all over the south filming weddings and producing commercials and marketing videos for small businesses.

In 2013, JCW Productions moved into its current location on 1284 Perkins Road in the heart of the Baton Rouge Garden District. Here, JCW Productions is complete with a 1000 square foot studio, offices, a sound booth, conference room and a courtyard oasis for Nola.

Jonathan has been an entrepreneur at heart since a young age starting many businesses along the way. In 2012, Jonathan started a web design company and immediately knew this was something he wanted to take far. And with clients asking him if he could help their company grow, marketing soon joined the website design company.

Around this time, John and Jonathan met through a mutual friend and began collaborating on projects together. At St. Patrick’s Day 2014, John and Jonathan decided to join together to expand JCW Productions into what it is today.

Today, JCW Productions is a full service agency offering video production, website design, graphic design, photography, and marketing services all under one roof.

It is never too early to get us involved in your project, whether you are still planning or you're ready to go.

It is never too early to get us involved in your project, whether you are still planning or you're ready to go.

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